Refund Policy

Services are not refundable after the invoice has been paid (after the project is accepted, contract is signed) since at that point we will have blocked out project time for your work. In some cases, such as with digital access to courses and other digital items, refunds may be available for a period, and if this is the case it will be noted directly on that product’s page.

Ongoing monthly services require a 15-day written notice of any changes to services and a 30-day written cancellation, so that any third-party resources that are used for your project can be properly cancelled. This notice may be presented in writing by emailing Please be sure that we have acknowledged receipt of your request.

Refund and cancellation and policies are outlined in proposals and/or on your contract/Scope of Work before you sign your agreement; as well as on your invoice before you pay. Please be sure you understand the policies before you accept a proposal, sign a contract or Scope of Work agreement, or pay your invoice.

If you have any questions, please contact us at